Our Summer Dance will be held on Friday 24 June 2022 at Worleston Village Hall CW5 6DN, dancing from 7:30 to 11.00 p.m.
Music by Ian Slater

Click here for a link to Strathspey Server, where you will find cribs, diagrams and videos for most of the dances. Click the link below to download a cribsheet.

To order tickets, please click here to contact our Ticket Secretary, Cynthia Jones.

JThe Jubilee JigRThe Anniversary Reel
RThe Royal Deeside RailwaySRougemont Castle
SThe Platinum JubileeJRED Rum
RThe Royal Yacht BritanniaRThe WHITE Cockade
RThe Castle of MeySThe BLUE-Footed Boobies
SThe Glengarry HomesteadRThe Summer Assembly
RElizabeth IISCity of Belfast
SThe Balmoral StrathspeyRMairi’s Wedding
RThe Anniversary TensomeExtras
RReel of the Royal Scots
SThe Byron Strathspey