Honorary Life Membership is awarded to members who have given exceptional service to our Society over many years. Scroll down for a list of Presidents and Past Presidents from 1958 to the present day.

Honorary Life MemberS

We currently have eight Honorary Life Members.

Mrs Elizabeth Bruynooghe
Mrs Jean Harris
Mr Don Johnson
Mrs Cynthia Jones
Mrs Bernice Lamberton
Mrs Janice MacDonald
Mr Peter Marshall
Mrs Marjorie Ross

presidents of the society

The Society was formed in 1958. Here is a list of all our Presidents, up to and including the present day.

2022-Mrs C. Grove
2018-2022Mrs J. Spence
2016-2018Mrs E.M. Bamber
2014-2016Mrs M.T. Gambling
2012-2014 Dr C.H. Hoy
2010-2012Mrs E.J. Bruynooghe
2007-2010S.J. Ross
 2005-2007Dr. S. Holdsworth
2004-2005Mrs M.M. Robinson
2002-2004Prof D. Hoole
2000-2002N. Maxwell
1998-2000I.A. Ross
1996-1998S.J. Ross
1994-1996J.R. Stewart
1992-1994P.S. Marshall
1991-1992J.H. Gray
1989-1991Mrs J. Spence
1988-1989A.R. Ross
1987-1988Mrs E.J. Bruynooghe
1985-1987J.R. Stewart
1983-1985J.H. Gray
1982-1983Mrs T. Watson
1981-1982W.A. Airth
1980-1981Mrs W.A. Airth
1979-1980J. Fyfe
1978-1979Miss D. Eliz. Bell
1977-1978Mrs J. Fyfe
1976-1977Mrs D. Clarke
1975-1976J.K. McGill
1974-1975G.J.A. Young
1972-1974W.A. Airth
1971-1972J. Frood
1970-1971J. Fyfe
1969-1970Mrs W.M. Crawford
1968-1969Mrs J.N. Scarth
1967-1968A.R. Ross
1966-1967G.J.A. Young
1965-1966J.K. Lamberton
1964-1965A.L.D. Strang
1963-1964J. Frood
1962-1963W.M. Crawford
1961-1962Dr Leith-Barron
1960-1961W.H. Christie
1958-1960J.K. Lamberton