The Rules of our Society are set out below. When you become a member of Nantwich & District Scottish Society you are required to accept and follow these rules.

  2. The objects shall be to provide a Scottish gathering where members can meet and enjoy the songs, dances and traditions of Scotland, and to provide a bond of fellowship without political or sectarian attachments.
  3. Scots and persons who are interested in any aspect of Scottish culture shall be eligible for membership.
  4. New members to the Society must be introduced by two members, the proposer to ascertain the applicant is eligible for membership according to Rule 3.  All applications for membership to be read at a committee meeting, and if approved the applicant shall then become a member.
  5. Members may introduce friends to the dancing practices upon payment of the admission charge, and upon signature of the visitors’ book.
  6. The Office-bearers shall be President, Vice-President, Honorary Treasurer and two Honorary Joint Secretaries.  The committee shall consist of the Office-bearers and up to twelve members, plus the immediate Past President and ex-officio the Dancing Instructor.  All Office-bearers should usually have served on the committee for a period of twelve months in the preceding five years.
  7. Committee members shall be elected for a period of twelve months only and shall be eligible for re-election at each Annual General Meeting.  The Office-bearers shall also be eligible for re-election, subject to a limit of five years continuous service in the same role.  In exceptional circumstances (i.e. should no successor from the Committee or from the general membership be forthcoming), the period of continuous service may be extended by two further years, subject to approval in a separate vote at each AGM.  A retiring Office-bearer may seek election to an alternative Officer’s post with immediate effect or may seek re-election to a role they have previously held, following a break in service of at least two years.
  8. An Independent Examiner shall be appointed at each Annual General Meeting.
  9. All monies of the Society shall be lodged with the HSBC Bank plc, in the names of the President, Secretary and Treasurer for the time being.  All withdrawals to be made on the signatures of any two of the above mentioned officers.
  10. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in April of each year.  In the event of vacancies occurring between annual meetings, the committee shall have the power to make appointments.
  11. Membership fees for the ensuing year shall become due at the commencement of the season, and, in order to assist the Treasurer, should be paid as promptly as possible.  New members joining after 1st January may be offered membership at a reduced rate for their first season only. Only paid up members shall have the right to vote for the election of office-bearers and committee.
  12. Rules may be amended at the discretion of the committee.